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The place’s history is long and exciting. From the middle of the 14th century,Klækken has been the venue of farming, schooling, a posting station and a hotel. In 1969 it became the possession of the Carlsen family, and it is with great pride we still own and run the hotel more than 40 years later. We and our excellent staff will do our utmost to make your stay as comfortable as possible!

Klækken was once one of the main farms of the Ringerike rural district and there is evidence of a working farm here as far back as 1346. It was through this farm that Colonel Løwen and his Swedish dragoons marched in 1716 on their way to the nightbouring town for Norderhov, where they were plied with so much good food and drink by the cunning local priest’s wife, Anna Colbjørnsdatter, that they become easy prey for the Norwegian soldiers she knew were positioned nearby.

On April 16, 1940, Klækken was also the scene of the hopeless struggle of Lorentz Brinch and his Norwegian troops against the advancing Germans. Klækken Tourist Hotel went up in flames that fateful day. But since then, the name of Klækken Hotel has become increasingly well-known.

Thanks to the rapid and determined efforts of fervent local patriots with connections n the building trade, Klækken was rebuilt in record time after the fire of 1940. Bit this only resulted in the hotel being requisitioned by the Germans for use as a maternity home for the German soldiers’ Norwegian girlfriends.

Klækken was reopened as a hotel in 1945. As early as 1833, Thor Andersen Færden was granted a license to run an inn and coach station at Klækken. The coach station was closed down in 1872 but the inn continued to be run under Anton Bakke, who took over in 1928. The old inn was extended and became a modern and popular tourist hotel. In 1938, Anton Bakke sold Klækken to the sisters Marie and Tora Kronborg who rebuilt the hotel after the fire of 1940 and reopened it in 1945.

In 1969, the Kronborg sisters sold Klækken to Ruth and Finn Carlsen who, together with their children Unni and Finn Ove, subsequently enlarged and converted it into one of Norway’s mot professional hotels of courses and conferences. The combined external/internal swimming pool is still the only one of its kind in the country. While carrying out the recent extension of the dining room, care was taken to achieve links with the style of the original Klækken and its history.


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The Carlsen family are special interested in arts, and collect to create atmosphere in the hotel and provide guests the opportunity to feel and experience the culture in the special frame at Klækken Hotel.In our Hotel Park, you can experience several artists with their sculptures. It is a great journey to walk in the park.

In our sculpture park, you will find sculptures by Arne Durban, Örjan Holm, Ståle Kyllingstad, Jon Otto Torgersen, Dyre Vaa and Skule Waksvik.

Take a walk in our hotell and you can se paintings and graphic works by Reidar Aulie, Ludvig Eikaas, Ludvig Munthe, Gustav Adolph Mordt, Skramstad, Hans Stoltenberg Lerche, Odd Nerdrum, Willy Stenberg, Henrik Sørensen, Heiberg, Thaulow and. Dyre Vaa.

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 We have 156 cozy rooms including 53 single rooms and 103 double rooms spread over 3 floors. All our rooms have lovely views to Klaekken beautiful garden. We also have a large number of family rooms and two connectingrooms.

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Klækken Hotell * Hadelandsveien 386 * 3514 Hønefoss

Phone: +47 00 32 14 00 00 * mail: salg@klæekken.no


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